The Indian Association of Day Surgery will give an opportunity to surgeons from different specialties to come under one banner. The exchange of ideas, the potential of learning something new from your colleague across the faculty, the formation of one of the biggest association of surgeons, is mind boggling. In this era of super-super specialty, one loses track of what is happening in the other specialty. Here we plan to have an association where you can present your work and receive information too. The Present Executive Committee.

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As a leading doctor, you are well aware of the many advantages day care surgery offers you and your patients. Not only is day care surgery safer for patients, it's much less expensive as well; and offers far more convenience to patients and their relatives.

However, there are still many misconceptions about day surgery. One of the major problems today is that insurance companies still refuse to reimburse for surgical procedures performed on a day care basis.

Our aims and future plans include:
-Exchange of ideas via regular meets and mail.
-Form a teaching/ training program for our junior colleagues.
-Have a journal of our own.
-Make Day Surgery acceptable for medical insurance claims.
-Representation abroad and student exchange program.
-Setting up a network of Day Care Centres all over the country.
-Be open to listen and welcome ideas from others.

We hope for your co-operation, please feel free to express your criticism and appreciation, without hesitation.

Who can become a member?
Any surgeon from any speciality who operates a patient and sends him home on the same day or within 23 hours, who would otherwise be admitted in the hospital for more than 24 hours and all those surgeons interested in taking up Day Surgery as part of their daily practice are eligible and welcome to join.





Click on the above two documents, Print, Fill it and send it to us with the appropriate cheque. 

Life Membership Fees in Rs. 2500/- only.

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