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Day Care Surgery 

in India

Affordable Healthcare for all, an initiative.


News //

ADSCON 2023:

15TH & 16th April, Nashik, Maharashtra.

along with Nashik Surgical Society.

Program Brochure.

Registration Form. 

AGM Notification & Election Notice.

Audit Report 2023

15th IAAS Congress: 

12th-15th May, 2024. Oslo, Norway. 


Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.



Medical Insurance in Day Care Surgery: 24 hrs. no longer necessary:

Insurance policies have now taken up the change and included Day Surgery as reimbursable, doing away with '24 hrs' admission. It has taken more than 4 years to make this change. Correspondence is in progress to instruct the insurance agents in the changes, so that disbursal of claims can be done easily. We have positive support of the TPA Association. CLICK HERE

Member of the General Assembly of The International Association for Ambulatory Surgery since 2010.

The Indian Society of Ambulatory Surgery has been merged since 2018. 
Members of ISAS are requested to send their details. 

The Association of Day Surgery Conference 2020, 'ADSCON 2020', the 10th National Conference will be held on 1st & 2nd Feb., 2020. Venue: Auditorium, Life Medcity Hospital, Jabalpur, M.P..


- Scientific session will be on 1st Feb., with AGM, Inaugural function and Banquet on the same day. Scientific Program as of now.

- A Workshop will be conducted on the 2nd Feb. 

- Conference theme: 'Advances in Day Surgery: something for everyone'.

- Orator: Dr. P. Raghuram, President, ASI.

-A parallel Session for Nurses will be Conducted on 1st Feb.


- International guests: Dr. Corine Vons-France, Dr. V. S. Galkin-Russian Fedaration, Dr. Luc van Outryve, Treasurer, IAAS.

Organising Chairman: Dr. D. U. Pathak, Organising Secretary: Dr. Mukesh Shrivastav, and their team are preparing a feast for us.

Elections: 10th AGM & Election declared. The results of last Election were: Dr. T. Naresh Row, has continued as President with Dr. Nand Kishore Manoharan as Hon. Secretary. The complete Executive Committee is listed on another page.

On the topic of merger with Indian Society for Ambulatory Surgery, it was decided to welcome their Members with minimal formalities. 

We will be going 'Paperless'. Hence forth all correspondence will be via email or posted on the website.

In organizing the Ninth National Conference of Day Surgery, we are taking another step in the history of this concept. We welcome you to be a part of it.

Let us strive to make the next conference a success. Dates and venue to be announced soon.                                                                          


The Association was formed in 2003 and the First Founding Body was incorporated and installed in 2005. Constitution was drafted for the working of the Association. Now, regular amendments have been made during the AGM, minutes of those have been sent periodically to you. Elections are due, rules have been framed and winds of change are proposed, implemented and executed. Elections do not mean rejection of an individual, but, in a true democratic spirit, it allows you to express yourself. The progress of the Association should be foremost in our minds. Whoever contests, gets elected or nominated, let us all continue to be as supportive for this is our organization, collectively.

Future plans:

We need to push for recognition of a Day Surgery Centre as a category for registration with the local Municipal corporations. Working with NGO,s or hospitals in setting up Protocols, standards and parameters for Day Surgery, for the betterment of our patient population.

Day Surgery should be made a part of of our UG and PG teaching.

An appeal to all, please send in your suggestions. Come forward and make this Association move forward. 


A balance between the economics and top quality, safe medical care, is what every individual strives for.

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